EmotionPrint® | Digital and Offset Printing

The fact that we see change as a positive factor makes us take advantage of new technologies, providing our development.

In order to achieve the perfect digital model, EmotionPrint® has, throughout its journey, sought to monitor and innovate in all its skills.



This is a sector in constant technological innovation. This is where the page layout, composition, digital image processing, etc. takes place. This process continues directly with the direct transfer to the printing plate of all the digital information established here.


The company has been growing progressively keeping abreast of advanced technological processes, equipping itself with the latest technologies. As a result, EmotionPrint® owns a fleet of offset and digital printing machines, which is another of the company's great assets, with high printing capacities, enabling a faster response.


The print shop also includes a finishing section equipped to respond to the various client requests, comprising folding, binding and gathering machines, magazine closing machines, book cover gluing and support guillotines. In addition, it has a set of 5 cutting and creasing support machines to perform cartonboard, label and special finishing jobs.

EmotionPrint® is a registered trademark owned by the company César Castelão & Filhos, Lda.